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In-Home Concierge services offered in Lemont, IL

At Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC in Lemont, Illinois, Jessica Vodicka, FNP, offers in-home care. This includes in-home visits through her telehealth platform as well as visits to your actual home (depending on your location). Jessica is an experienced nurse practitioner who takes an individualized approach to care, tailoring plans to match your health concerns and goals. Call or schedule your in-home care appointment online today.

In-Home Concierge Q & A

What is in-home care?

In-home care is a direct-pay health service offered at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC. The practice also takes health insurance for home visits.

Home care gives providers the ability to carry a smaller caseload (fewer patients), decreasing wait time for appointments and increasing the amount of time you get during your health visit. 

What are in-home care services?

Jessica tailors care for your individual needs. She’s an experienced practitioner who sees people of all ages. Some of the in-home care services she provides include:


Physical exams

Jessica is a primary care provider who manages all of your health needs. Your annual physical is the most thorough exam of the year, giving Jessica a chance to assess your current state of health and risk of future health problems.

She uses the information she gathers from your physical exam to create your wellness plan for better health.


Sick care

In-home care at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC may also include sick care. Jessica can schedule an appointment to diagnose and treat your unexpected illness or injury right away.


Disease management

Jessica specializes in managing chronic health conditions like diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and food allergies. Through in-home care, she can closely monitor your condition while you engage in your daily routine and make quick modifications to improve management.


Weight loss

At Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC, Jessica provides help with weight loss, including diet counseling and support. 


Mental health care

Jessica also offers mental health services, which she may include as part of your in-home care. She provides therapy, lifestyle modification, medication, and lab testing.

What can I expect from in-home care?

You can expect patient-centered care at your home through Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC. With this service, Jessica spends more time getting to know you, improving your patient-provider relationship. 

In-home care also gives Jessica more time to help you create habits that lead to better health and a better quality of life. 

To find out more about in-home care with Jessica at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC, call or schedule an appointment online today.