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Weight Loss services offered in Lemont, IL

Are you having a hard time reaching your weight goals? At Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC based in Lemont, Illinois, Jessica Vodicka, FNP, provides individualized help with weight loss through her practice. Jessica is a skilled practitioner certified in functional medicine who customizes weight-loss plans based on your unique health profile. Call or schedule your weight-loss consultation online today to get started.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is weight loss difficult?

Weight loss is challenging because cookie-cutter weight-loss plans fail to take the most important part of the weight-loss journey into consideration: you. 

No single diet or eating style works for everyone. Your weight and ability to lose weight depend on many factors, including your genetics, eating habits, lifestyle, medical history, and the types of medications you take. 

Most weight-loss plans only focus on diet and exercise. Though diet and exercise are important parts of any good weight-loss program, you need to focus on more than just eating less and moving more to reach your weight goals and stay there.

Jessica is an experienced nurse practitioner and a certified functional medicine provider. When it comes to weight loss, she understands how your unique health profile needs affect your ability to lose. She individualizes your weight-loss plan based on your unique objective lab data to help you succeed. 

What happens during a weight loss consultation?

The specifics of your weight-loss consultation at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC depend on your goals and weight history. Jessica asks detailed questions about your weight and weight struggles, the types of diets you’ve tried in the past, your food likes and dislikes, and your usual exercise routine.

She also asks about your daily routine and stressors, as well as your medical and family history. After Jessica gathers basic health information, she orders lab tests to get objective data about your health that helps her better understand the root cause of your weight struggles.

Testing might include the DUTCHtest® to check hormone levels, micronutrient testing, and food allergy and sensitivity testing. 

Jessica uses the information from your interview and the lab data to create your customized weight-loss plan. 

What tools help with weight loss?

Jessica provides all the support and guidance you need to reach your weight goals. Some of the weight-loss tools she uses for her weight-loss program at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC include:

  • Diet counseling and management
  • Nutrition supplements and vitamins
  • Medication

Most importantly, she provides you with ongoing lifestyle counseling to help you create the habits that support your weight loss and lead to better health. Jessica also rechecks your lab tests so you can see how your new health plan improves your health markers.

To start your weight-loss journey today, call Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC or schedule your appointment online today.