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Telehealth services offered in Lemont, IL

At Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC, based in Lemont, Illinois, Jessica Vodicka, FNP, provides personalized medical services from the comfort of your own home through telehealth. Whether for primary care, mental health, or management of a health issue, Jessica offers high-quality, affordable, and convenient care for you and your family. Call or schedule your telehealth appointment online today.

Telehealth Q & A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a service that allows your health provider to give you medical services without you having to make a trip to the office. 

Telehealth mostly involves visiting with your provider by phone or through a video call. But it also includes other remote health services like electronic prescriptions, remote patient monitoring, and electronic communication with your provider (email or text). 

Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC is a telehealth integrative medicine practice. Jessica is an experienced nurse practitioner and certified in functional medicine. She provides health services for all ages, including infants, children, and adults, through her telehealth platform. 

What services are provided through telehealth?

Jessica provides all primary care health services through her telehealth platform. These services include:


Primary care

Your primary care provider manages all of your health needs. Jessica is a skilled practitioner and primary care provider. 

Jessica can order labs and prescribe medications through her telehealth platform to diagnose and manage any acute or chronic health issue. 


Sick visits

Jessica has a more flexible schedule with her telehealth platform, giving her the ability to schedule sick visits right away. This allows you to get the immediate care you need.


Weight loss

Jessica provides help with weight loss through her telehealth platform, giving you the tools and support required so you can reach your goal weight.


Disease management

Jessica manages chronic health conditions, including diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and food allergies. She uses functional medicine for disease management, identifying and treating the root cause of your health condition to improve overall health. 

What can I expect from telehealth?

You can expect attentive and individualized care from Jessica at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC. The specifics of your telehealth appointment depend on the reason for the visit, health concerns, and medical history.

Jessica asks detailed questions about your health, medical and family history, daily routine, usual diet, and stressors. She uses the information she gathers to better understand your health and determine what labs you may need to confirm or rule out a diagnosis or the underlying cause of your health issue. 

Jessica then uses her telehealth platform to monitor your health and help you and your family create the lifestyle changes that lead to wellness, potentially preventing or delaying diseases or disease-related complications. 

Call Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC or schedule your telehealth appointment online today.