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Mental Health services offered in Lemont, IL

Your mental health affects your physical, emotional, and social well-being. At Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC, based in Lemont, Illinois, Jessica Vodicka, FNP, provides mental health services to improve how you think, feel, and behave. She offers therapy, behavioral health counseling, and medication to manage mental health conditions. Call or schedule your appointment online today

Mental Health Q & A

What is mental health?

Your mental health is the state of your emotional, psychological, and social well-being and is important throughout every stage of your life. The state of your mental well-being influences how you feel and think, and act around others. It also plays a role in how you handle stress.

Anyone can develop mental health problems. However, genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental factors (trauma, major life change) may increase your risk.

Who benefits from mental health services?

Anyone struggling with conditions that affect how they feel or behave benefits from mental health services at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC. Jessica has expertise in treating depression and anxiety.

If you suffer from depression or anxiety and your current medications aren’t relieving your symptoms, Jessica can help. 

What happens during an initial consultation for mental health?

Jessica performs a thorough evaluation during mental health consultations at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC, she asks detailed questions about your symptoms, medical and mental health history, and the types of medications you take.

She may also perform psychological testing to better understand your current emotional state. If you need psychiatric medication to manage your mental health symptoms, Jessica uses GeneSight® testing to determine what prescription is best for you.

GeneSight analyzes your DNA to determine how your body metabolizes and responds to common medications used to treat depression and anxiety. The results from this test will help Jessica prescribe a medication that provides relief from your symptoms with the fewest side effects. 

What are the treatments for mental health?

Jessica individualizes your mental health treatment plan based on your diagnosis and the results of your evaluation and testing. Your mental health treatment plan at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC may include:

  • Mental and emotional therapy
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Initiation and modification of medication

Jessica schedules regular follow-up appointments to provide therapeutic support and make adjustments as needed. As a primary care provider, she also makes referrals to specialists. 

Taking care of your mental health benefits your overall health. For personalized and attentive care, call Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC or schedule an appointment online today.